Updated June 1

2019 Westside Drive #1

We began the drive in the parking lot of the Big Apple Diner on Kitsap Way in West Bremerton.

The assembly of cars included 3 MG B roadsters, a 1949 MG TC, an Austin Mini, a custom Chevy pickup, and our Honda CR/V for a total of 7 cars.

From the parking lot we headed east through downtown Bremerton to see how the re-vitalization is progressing. There are several new restaurants there along with artwork.

Our route than took us to East Bremerton and then North toward Brownsville.

Eventually we reach Keyport and toured that very small community before heading North again to drive Front St in Downtown Poulsbo.

We ended the drive at Central Market, which perhaps as the largest selection of food stuffs in Western Washington.

We had great weather and great companions for a very refreshing tour of that part of Kitsap County.

2019 Chocolate Tour

Our Chocolate Tour on Saturday, May 7th. was a success.

Same as last year we began in Tukwila. We then headed northeast towards Issaquah, but drove north along Lake Sammamish, then through Redmond, and then south along the east side of the lake.

As advertised, we ended at Boehm's Chocolate Factory.

After everyone finished shopping, we held a door prize drawing in the garden area outside the shop.

2019 NWCOC Spring Drive Report

There were 50 sport cars and 80 people total on the route of 70 miles with with 65 people staying for lunch.

Three cars suffered electrical issues but two did manage to finish the drive.

Alex Kwanten from MG Car Club took some nice action photo shots of the people driving along the country roads.

Quite a variety of German and Italian cars. Some British cars and a few French cars. Plus, JDM cars too. Type of cars: Porsche's, BMW's, Maserati's, Alfa's, Fiat's, Audi's plus 2 SUV's loaded with bicycle on the racks ...funny! BMW and Porsche SUV. And Cobras, Corvettes to Challenger. A few daily drivers.

You can download a copy of the 2019 NWCOC Spring Drive route instructions from the library page in the 'King and Pierce County' section

Looking for some place to drive you car but not sure where to go?
Then our library of Turn-by-Turn route instructions is for you!

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The 2018 Tulip Rallye Routes (A & B) have been added to the Library, North section.

On Highway 30, a few miles west of The Dalles, Oregon, on Sunday, September 13th 2009

Susan and Ray in a Fiat 124 Spider during the 2009 MGCCNWC Wine Tour.

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Here is the blog about our two week road trip to San Diego and back in 2011.

We drove on back roads much of the way down and back and while we didn't drive a vintage car it was still a fun adventure and makes for an interesting read!

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